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Uniform Policy

All students must come to school in the MdM uniform every day including on all field trips (see below).  If a student arrives out of uniform, parents/guardians will be notified and asked to correct the issue by the next school day. Please see the Family Handbook for more details.

All Students

  • Undershirts are allowed under the uniform. If worn they must be the following colors:
    • Navy Blue, Black or White


  • Leggings are allowed under the girls dresses. If worn they must be the following colors:
    • Navy Blue, Black or White
  • Slip on shoe, velcro tennis shoe, dress shoe or boots
    • Shoes that are not allowed: no open-toe shoes (or sandals), shoes or boots with heels, fur or fringe or light up shoes.  If your student cannot tie their own shoes please consider their safety and purchase curly, elastic shoelaces.

Required Uniform

  • Light or dark blue, dark green polo shirt with MdM logo
  • A MdM polo and dress
  • dark blue or tan pants/shorts


Uniform Violations

This chart represents the process in which uniform violations will be tracked and communicated from staff to families.

Change of Clothes

All families with students in ECE and kindergarten must send one change of clothing with your student on the first day of school. The change includes underwear, pants, plain polo shirt and socks, and will remain in the classroom in the case of an accident. If a change of clothing is not provided, parents will be called in the case of an accident to come to school with a clean change of clothing for your student.

Violation Recurrence Action/Follow Up
Uniform Violation #1 & #2: Verbal warning
  • A call is made to the family noting violation type and request to have uniform corrected by the next school day.
Uniform Violations #3 and #4: Written warning & delivery of correct uniform to the school
  • A call is made to the family noting violation type.
  • Families will be required to bring in the appropriate uniform or uniform piece to the school that day.
  • This call/request is also accompanied with a written notice home.  The family support team is notified of the violations and offers support on how to help families get students to school in full, correct uniform.
5+: Required meeting with the School Leader
  • If uniform violations persist, the family will participate in a required meeting with the Principal.

School uniforms are important for several reasons:

  • Safety:  Uniforms allow us quickly to identify all students as MdM students and ensure that students are a part of our school-family.
  • Community:  Uniforms unite us in our values and mission to develop bilingual leaders.  When a student puts on their uniform, they know they are agreeing to be a part of a school-family that is united, conscious, growing, and healthy.
  • Importance: What a child wears to school is not what is important about school.  What is important is ensuring an excellent bilingual Montessori education where student can focus on learning and exploring – not clothing.

Please note that families must contribute to the cost associated with their student’s uniform. Please contact staff with questions about these fees or to schedule a uniform payment plan.