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Student Recruitment
Join us as we talk to families at events, in parks, outside grocery stores, or door to door. All volunteers receive a free Montessori del Mundo tee-shirt as a thank you for their help. Please contact us if you’d like to volunteer to help recruit students.

Room Parent

These fathers/mothers will help teachers by: coordinating other classroom parents, support classroom activities, coordinate snacks etc, coordinate and or host summer play dates, etc. Also these parents will be in charge of making sure that every parent from other classrooms receives information relevant to PTO  and Events Committee.

Note: Two parents per class are needed, if there are more than two the classroom teacher will do a raffle to determine who will be assigned.   

 Event Committee

This group will be in charge of working with one PTO member to organize their corresponding event. Every event will have their own committee.

Note: The date and events will be decided by PTO

Midday Support from 11:20 to 1:20

We need help with midday processes and various types of projects such as setting up the cafeteria for lunch, help supervise a group of children, and  function as support to the teacher during electives.  If you are interested speak with Jessica or Erika in the main office. A background check is required.

Office support and helping with classroom materials

These parents will support in projects, most of them in the office and will help make materials for teachers.