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Absolutely!  Children do not need to be fluent in Spanish, English, or either language to enroll at Montessori del Mundo.  Our goal is to grow each child’s bilingual capacity so that they can perform on grade level or above in both languages, regardless of the language they speak when they enter the program.

Our dual-language model consists of:

90% Spanish / 10% English Preschool and Kinder

60% Spanish / 40% English 1st-3rd grades

50% Spanish / 50% English 4th-6th grades

The student/teacher ratio in ECE/Kinder classrooms is 1:10. Each classroom has a lead teacher with two support teachers. In the afternoon, there are no more than 20 students per classroom, consisting of Kindergartners and full day preschoolers, with one lead teacher and one support teacher.

Montessori del Mundo follows the Montessori curriculum for math, reading, writing, science, social studies (including geography and history), art and music.  This curriculum includes everything children learn in traditional schools and more! Classrooms consist of mixed grades based on the Montessori philosophy that students teach and learn from each other.  This could mean that a first grader could be learning second grade work if s/he shows interest.

Students receive lessons from teachers individually or in small groups.  Students then follow a self-directed education in which they are given the freedom to choose their own works to complete alone, with a partner, or with a group.



Students have about two hours of Montessori work time in the morning. The community circle gives students and teachers time to discuss happenings in their classroom community and to connect with each other. The language circle provides a time to focus on language skills such as frequent words which rotates in English and Spanish. Preschool and Kindergarten students have one recess break in the morning and one in the afternoon. Electives are offered for K-6th grades at midday while preschoolers have nap. The afternoon consists of more Montessori work time and reading/writing groups.

Montessori del Mundo offers Music and PE for K-6. Preschool students take nap during the elective period.

Yes, students at Montessori del Mundo are required to wear a school uniform. Uniforms allow us quickly to identify all students as MdM students and ensure that students are a part of our school-family. Uniforms unite us in our values and mission to develop bilingual leaders. When a student puts on their uniform, they know that they are a part of a school-family that is united, conscious, growing, and healthy.

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