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Sunshine List

If you would like to be added to the board’s sunshine list please contact board Secretary Michel Friberg at


Join our Board
We are currently recruiting board members who have a deep commitment to quality education for all, bilingualism and the Montessori philosophy. We are specifically seeking Board members with experience in Construction/Engineering, Fundraising and/or Grant writing and Finance, and who have strong organizational and project management skills. If you are interested please send a resume and cover letter addressing the following questions to

1) Why are you interested in working with Montessori del Mundo?
2) What are your thoughts/opinions of bilingual and Montessori education?
3) What specific skills/expertise/passion will you bring to our team?
4) Describe your ties to the Aurora community.

Our regularly scheduled board meetings take place the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00am at Montessori del Mundo, 15503 B East Mississippi Ave., Aurora, CO 80017.


Grievance Policy
To view our board-approved grievance policy, please click here.